How to Market on Instagram

how to market on instagram

How to Market on Instagram

As Instagram gets to be more and more popular, it was natural that smart marketers will devise ways to use it for their uses. While we’re uncertain how long this may last, as Instagram is now owned by Facebook and change is bound to happen, for the moment it is slaughtering it’s social parent in terms of engagement.

In a 2014 Forrester Research study, engagement among Instagram users is some 60 times higher than that on Facebook for brands and their consumers. This, together with Facebook’s recent trimming of your social reach has sent marketers scurrying to figure out ways to use other avenues. Here are 7 ways they are using Instagram to their advantage.

7 Ways to market on Instagram

Get a business account on Instagram – Making sure you have a branded business account is the first step, coupled with completing your company profile and connecting it to Facebook and other social media channels.

Use plenty of hashtags – As hashtags are the chief way people can search for you on this mobile platform, you wish to be found taking full advantage of this, especially by using your company branding. In addition ,, don’t forget to monitor your hashtags, so you can be aware of any activity, good or bad happening with your name.

Engage your customers – Like your followers photos, comment, embed, mention and otherwise recognize and engage with people connected to you.

Use Instagram’s new 15-second videos – Use these to display products, people and your brand.

Show off your products – Instagram is a terrific way of getting your products some wide reaching audience they might not have had.

Crowdsource photos of your products – Having a contest to generate user submitted content about your brand and products is a very good way to engage.

Post frequently – Find your optimum posting rate, whether that is a few times a week or several times a day. The secret is to post enough that your audience is growing and engaging. You’ll know it when you see it.

Should Your Small Business Be Using PPC Ads?

pay per click adwords tips

Should Your Small Business Be Using PPC Ads?

Can PPC Ads Help Your Small Business?

Many people make the assumption that pay per click is a waste of time for local markets, and they couldn’t be more wrong. There are a lot of good uses for PPC for local that can not only get you new customers or prospects, but also enhanced search engine results.

Let’s take a little time to look at four reasons why it’s important for you to consider utilizing pay per click ads for your small business.

Four great reasons to use PPC for local marketing

You’ll get near instant traffic – While it can take years and much effort to obtain a top organic search engine result, with PPC it can be fairly instantaneous. Set up your campaign properly and you could have targeted visitors in minutes. In addition to that, you also benefit from the boatload of data that this generates, items such as keyword effectiveness, which ads are working and a lot more.

Hog the first page – Getting an organic listing on Google is great, but that can take awhile and can disappear suddenly for no apparent reasons. Why don’t you own a top PPC listing on page one that’s a lot harder to take out? This can help you push your competition down or off the page, and will also serve to give your brand more credibility and authority in the eyes of your searchers.

The ability to target your customers and prospects – With advanced demographic targeting tools at your disposal, you can target only consumers who live in a particular area, are of a particular gender, or a number of other factors.

Employ remarketing – A relative newcomer to online ads is remarketing. These are the sorta creepy, (yet highly effective) ads that seem to follow along with you wherever you go online. Like it or not, ad networks are tracking what your interests are, and are using that information. The great news is, you can now use this to your advantage as well.

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